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Healthopaedic Fabric Swatch

There are a range of Healthopaedic fabric swatches which come in a variety of styles, including Wool, Ascot, Linen, Memphis, Verona and Naples.

Wool Swatch

This wool style of fabric is vibrant in colour and sharpens any room into looking bright and beautiful, as well as being a luxurious natural product.

Verona Swatch

The Verona Fabric hits the trend of 2018. It accompanies the glitz of the crush velvet hype with sophistication of noble garments. Verona fabric is available in several glamorous shades.

Linen Swatch

The hand woven Linen textile is made with fibres of the flax plant, making it our most natural fabric. Linen is valued for its style, freshness and design versatility. With a variety of pastel shades and bright bolds, this woven mix has something for all bedroom styles.

Naples Swatch

This luxurious Naples fabric has a soft feel with elegant style on upholstered headboards and divan bases. It is available in a variety of vibrant colours.

Ascot Swatch

The 3D 'in style' Ascot woven fabric is laborious to manufacture and high end but is worth it with its tweed style and refreshing tones.

Memphis Swatch

The head threaded Memphis fabric was selected by the head buyer for standing out amongst the available selection on today's market. With cushioning and insulating properties, the Memphis is perfect for a bedroom makeover. A varied range of sleep rich colours are available in the Memphis design.