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8 Tips to Help You Sleep Through Those Sweaty Summer Nights

With the mercury rising, many are enjoying the long, warm summer days; however, come nightfall it can be difficult to sleep in hot and muggy bedrooms. Optimal bedroom temperature is said to be around 16-18°C, so to ensure that you can sleep soundly during these summer nights, here are our 8 top tips to help you sleep as cool as a cucumber:

1. Take a shower

Cold showers right before bedtime can help lower the body temperature enough for you to be able to fall asleep even in a hot room. Hot showers can also help drop the body temperature (surprisingly) but be wary of excess heat from the bathroom warming up your bedroom even more.


2. Use cotton

Synthetic fabrics restrict the skin’s ability to breathe so we suggest using cotton pyjamas and cotton bedsheets to reduce sweating and increase airflow around the body. (try our Egyptian cotton mattress protector…)

3. Unplug

Having electronic devices plugged in all night can increase the temperature of your room even if the devices are not being used. Though it may seem minimal, unplugging devices will not only reduce the temperature of your room but will also reduce night-time stimulation (read our blog post on why it's important to avoid screens before bed).

4. Get creative with a fan

Moving hot air around a room might not be the best way to ensure a good night’s sleep so try making some simple modifications to how the fan is used. Placing a tray of water and ice in front of the fan will cool the room by spreading the cool evaporating air from the ice around the room.

The Simpsons Fan

5. Use a hot-water bottle

Why not make use of your hot-water bottle all year round? Instead of using hot water fill it with cold water and freeze it for a makeshift ice-pack. Position it at the base of the bed to chill your feet and the rest of your body will cool down.

6. Keep it dark

Lightbulbs emit heat and can cause the room’s overall temperature to increase if left on for long periods. Instead, try keeping the lights off and the blinds and curtains closed to keep the room cool and ready for you to sleep in.

7. Cool your head

Menthol triggers certain receptors in your skin which give the effect of cooling. Try rubbing a menthol stick on your forehead before bedtime to feel fresh and relaxed.

8. Freeze your sheets If you have the space, you can freeze all of your bedding to create a nice cold bed to sleep in when you just can’t cool down. Alternatively, just freeze your pillow-case but make sure to put it in a plastic bag first so it doesn’t get wet!

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