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How to Sleep Well With Back Pain

Almost every person in the world will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lifetime. There are many different forms of back pain and a multitude of causes, but anyone suffering from chronic back pain will know how difficult it can be to sleep comfortably. Below, we've listed our 3 top tips for how to sleep well in spite of chronic back pain:

1. Find the right position

This will largely be dependent on the type of pain you are suffering from and the location. However, in general, lying flat on your back whilst sleeping should be the most comfortable as your weight will be evenly distributed. If this causes too much strain on your lower back you can prop your knees up by placing a pillow underneath them. If you just can’t fall asleep on your back then try sleeping on your side but add a pillow between your knees. The added pillow will ensure your hips, pelvis, and spine are aligned properly. Ultimately, you can sleep in whichever position is most comfortable for you but always be mindful of your alignment so that no added stress is created on your muscles and joints.

2. A good mattress

As with finding the right position, this is more of a personal preference. A firm mattress used to be the go-to recommendation from doctors but recent research has shown that back pain sufferers don’t necessarily sleep better on harder mattresses. The benefit of a softer mattress is that it will feel like there is less pressure on the spine. However, mattresses that are too soft can exacerbate pain by causing you to sleep out of proper alignment if you sink into them. If you are unsure of which type of mattress to get, try some out in store to get a feel for the different types of support. Our Mammoth Mattresses are specially designed to help improve your health and wellbeing, and are recommended my top health professionals and elite athletes.

3. Exercise and stretch gently

Many people swear by daily exercise to help them sleep at night, but for those with back pain this can seem like an impossible task. Daily exercise doesn’t have to be a 30 minute high intensity weightlifting class at the gym though, instead it can be just as beneficial to your sleep to take a short walk in the evening. This gentle exercise will help relieve your stress, aid in digestion, and most importantly reduce stiffness in your back. If you don’t fancy a walk in the rain at night, then a simple stretching routine can be ideal for relieving tension in your back and building core muscles which will help stabilise your spine and reduce pain. Incorporate this exercise and stretching routine into your bedtime ritual and you will be sleeping soundly in no time.

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